Sunday, January 27, 2013

Those DIY Baby Onesies

Last year I made some baby puffy paint onesies for a girlfriend & gave them to her as baby shower gifts
I got the ideas for them from pinterest but there was unfortunately no attached link, but they seemed simple enough & cute enough that anyone would enjoy them!

Her beautiful baby girl has made her way into the world (and everyone's hearts) & now she's big enough to fit in them!
How adorable is this little girl?

I think the best part of gifting your crafts is when the people who receive them really like them & use them.
I love that part the most :3


  1. One of these days I want to make at least one for my daughter. I still have some time though, I'm six months (24 weeks) pregnant! I saw a few posts like this on pinterest for a while now and loved them right away. And she looks so cute too =)

    1. Theyre adorable! I did learn however to go easy on thepuffy paint :( it gets rather hard and its not good for sensitive skin babies when the pain is too thick and makes the fabric scratchy :/
      Happy crafting <3