Friday, January 11, 2013

The spiked clutch!

I LOVE screw on spikes
They are amazing
One of the fastest add-ons to anything & look good on everything.
So there I was...
The first day of Uni the next day...
It's 3 in the morning...I can't sleep...
What do I do?

The only thing I can do of course....DIY

I have a bunch of assorted spikes that I've used on other projects - mostly on shoes & Ive put them on a sweater temporarily once.

I decided I wanted to jazz up this adorable black clutch I got for Christmas.
I was worried about mixing gold and silver spikes at first, but I love how it ended up

I haven't stopped using it ever since
I feel like I just weaponized myself... I'm walking around with it on the street like, SOMEONE TRY AND GRAB MY PURSE! JUST TRY IT!!

but no really, I'm just kiddin o__o
And now for the fancy quality photo:

Happy Crafting All!


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    1. Hi! Thanks for commenting <3 I'd love to check out your blog!
      I've added you to my reading list ;)