Sunday, January 13, 2013

My First CO+K Feature!!

My ultimate favorite craft website, Cut out + Keep, featured one of my projects!
This is my first time being featured for any of my crafts & I'm pumped!!

Crafterella (the website's mascot) chose my Whisk Earrings Tutorial to feature on the home page! 

Now my pretty project gets this sweet ribbon to go with it :)

I'm so giddy!!
I never really thought of having a project featured :3
Whenever they did post a new featured project I would always check it out and think, "Genius!"
It prompted me to take a peek at some of my old projects & my first posted project on the site, the one that got the ball rolling last year, was this poorly thought out T shirt to laptop snuggle (which I still use)

It hasn't really been very long since I started making my own jewelry - not even a year & I've learned so much about jewelry making from techniques, styles I like, things that work & don't work.

I'm so glad I joined the DIY movement!
There's always something more to learn & make
Happy Crafting everyone!!


  1. Congrats, these earrings are too cute, it's understandable Crafterella didn't want to leave them out! :)

  2. congratulations! I remember when I got my first featured project, I was thrilled!!

    1. Thank you Cecilia! :3
      It's really a great feeling ^__^